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Social media has grown to be an integral part of modern society- we literally can’t go on until we post the perfect ‘gram. No meal, good hair day, or cute pup can go undocumented- if you can’t provide photographic evidence of last night’s rager, you probably weren’t there.

But with vanity at an all-time high, let us not forget what truly matters. No, not the moment you exceed 11 likes on a #selfie, we’re talking about your friends… y’know the remarkable peeps that exist IRL and like you for you #nofilter.

This fall, we’re celebrating the beauty of friendship and putting our quest for Tumblr fame on hold. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite NYC #girlboss duos and brought on notable Instagram powerhouses to help us achieve the best version of ourselves on and offline.

Selfie Queen Shea Marie and NYC’s infamous King Charles comedienne, Toast, share social media tips and tricks for dealing with everything from insta-haterz, to inevitable girl drama. Although maintaining your personal brand on social media is key (you should love yourself as much as Kanye loves Kanye), keep in mind that your personal relationships require more TLC than your followers.

Real talk.

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