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Bel Downie



I'd forgotten that anything goes when ninety thousand people congregate in the middle of the desert to share in the love that is our favourite music festival, Coachella. Not much was left to the imagination, in terms of festival fashion, with an extensive parade of the briefest of shorts and the smallest of tops - who knew band aids now count as clothing these days? To be fair, it’s hard not wear next to nothing in ninety degree weather and I have most definitely rekindled my love of bindis and flower garlands, as well as tie dyed hair and unicorn purses. Despite the sweltering heat, I had my trusty SM booties-PLOVER and RASPY- to keep me dancing all weekend long.

I must say, it was a hard task to keep up appearances for all three days this year because we camped out on site at the festival. Yep. That happened. Let just say, baby wipes are my new best friend. Thank god for Sephora's air conditioned makeup tents, for keeping us so fresh and so clean, despite not having access to a shower for four days. Lodging hardships aside, it’s the music, of course, that brought us all here in the first place. And, as was expected, it was amazing (even without a cameo appearance from Beyoncé). Thanks Solange for being related to Queen Bey! And if hip hop is your game, Nas slayed it, with special guest appearances from Lauryn Hill and Jay Z.

We started day one with fellow Australians Jagwar Ma (who killed it) and caught Nicolas Jarr, Woodkid, Flume, The Knife and favorites, Outkast.

Day two amped it up even more, highlights being Chvrches (duh), the Head and the Heart, Washed Out, Warpaint (swoon, Jenny Lee Lindberg, with that pink hair, you big babe), Pixies, Galantis and of course Skrillex.

Finally by day three, if we hadn’t turnt up enough, Flight Facilities, Blood Orange, Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Beck and then Arcade Fire blew our minds and left us with some pretty epic memories (and hangovers). Just quietly, driving a camper van the size of a school bus back to LA, on the wrong side of the road (remember :I’m Australian), was definitely not a high point of the weekend, but it was well worth it.

Check out some of my favorite musical moments from the weekend:

Jagwar Ma
. If you don't know, you soon will.



The Magician. He is from Belgium, he just played Coachella and he is probably behind your favorite remix. Put it on repeat.


One of my favorite producers has a new(ish) side project, Darkside. You're welcome.