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Photo Diaries



We took a minute to catch up with Brooke Nipar, the impossibly cool bicoastal photographer who shot our latest With The Band editorial and got the low down on her fave NY spots and current musings.

Q: Please introduce yourself.
Brooke Nipar. Photographer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California

Q: East Coast vs. West Coast
Apples and oranges, but I love them both. I grew up in California so it’s home. The lifestyle is great, the sun is always shining and the Mexican food is always good. I love that you can be in the desert or the beach in a matter of an hour. New York on the other hand has an energy all it’s own. It’s fun and vibrant and full of amazingly talented people constantly collaborating and sharing ideas. It’s an easy place to be social and there’s always something fun going on.

Q: Tell us about your very first encounter with a camera.
It’s impossible for me to remember my very first encounter with a camera; I’ve been taking pictures since I was a little kid. But I do remember getting my Grandfathers 35mm when I was around 13 or 14. That’s when I really became interested in photography. I started taking classes, learning how to shoot and process my own film and print in a darkroom. I loved fashion photography, so I used to dress my girl friends up in crazy outfits and shoot them in random locations. I should look for those negatives and prints… wonder how I would feel about them now…

Q: Craziest moment on set to date?
Probably meeting Madonna on set of my very first Material Girl shoot. I’m not one to be starstruck, but meeting Madonna was pretty epic!

Q: Who is your current muse?
Right now, I’m really into Chloe Norgaard. I love her look and her energy. I just shot her recently and she is so much fun!

Q: Favorite hot spots in NY?
Oof, these days, I don’t go out as much as I used to. I like going to the rooftop at Le Bain on a beautiful NY evening. I love the Tiki Disco parties in Brooklyn during the summer, as well as Mr. Sunday. I don’t go to many “clubs” anymore...

Q: What is currently inspiring your work?
Really it’s usually just my life that inspires me. My travels, my friends, the music I listen to… And the drive to grow and learn and be better.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this Fall?
Wearing all of my Fall clothes! And going on Fall adventures like apple picking and haunted houses.