Party Crashers | Claire Christerson


Claire Christerson is an emerging young artist whose work takes inspiration from the likes of Spongebob to Ryan Trecartin. Her videos star herself and her friends and have made a big impression, propelling the recent art school grad’s career into the big leagues. Stay tuned Art World, she’s got big things up her sleeves.

Photos by Grace Ahlbom


Name: Claire Christerson // @clairechristerson

Age: 22

Occupation: Working Artist

Location: New York City

Favorite item to wear out? My booty

Best late night snack? Oreos, but I really am trying to not do that anymore.

Best turn up track? “Whip It” by Nicki Minaj

Drink of choice? Water Where can we find you at the party? On the dance floor

When is it time to go home? When I feel like it.

Your best pickup line? “Hey can i pick you up?”

Your favorite going out spot in NYC? Coney Island

Who’s your partner in crime? Mike Bailey Gates

What’s your biggest “under 25” accomplishment so far? Making a lot of work, having fun doing it.

What do you hope to accomplish by 35? Make work, work towards my dream of starting an artist residency for youths.


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