The Art of Style | Andrew Luecke

Style Game



Andrew Luecke knows style.'s resident Style Editor takes a spin in his favorite SM Spring picks, and tells us his must-haves for every true New Yorker.

SM: Please introduce yourself.
My name's Andrew D. Luecke, and I'm a style editor at

How do you start your day?
Slowly, hitting snooze like ten times. Then I wash my hair, brush my teeth, and must, must, must have an iced red eye from Starbucks.

How has the big apple influenced your style?
It forced my style to be more versatile and elegant. I always want something that I can wear to work, out after work, or even to brunch. A sick leather jacket and a black necktie works in almost every situation, so I usually go with that.

Five essentials every New Yorker needs.
1. An unlimited Metrocard, duh, it's freedom for $112.
2. A black leather jacket. See above, looks good day or night and goes anywhere. Bombers or moto jackets are best for men
3. A willingness to stand up for yourself. Don't be a jerk, but if you don't open your mouth sometimes no one here is gonna get out of your way..

4. Sunglasses, mostly for subway lurking.
5. A sense of humor about yourself. People who can't laugh at themselves are never smart, and if you're not smart, you're not going to make it in NYC.

Describe the perfect shoe.
Versatile and well made, with a subtle personality, like the blue suede loafer I picked from Steve Madden.

Favorite summertime escape?
Popham Beach, Maine. The rare beach in rocky Maine.

What do you love most about your shoe pick?
For the DANIELL, see above. For the CHURCHIL, I love that it's this luxurious classic smoking slipper shape, in this wild leopard print, that perfectly mixes punk and luxury. I picked the GRAHAMM because every man needs a little Euro in his wardrobe, and I styled it with the white denim and Supreme Exploited tee because I thought they offered a punk juxtaposition that worked with the shoe