The Art of Style | Florencia Galarza

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We've got a thing for big babes here at Steve Madden. Case in point: Forencia Galarza. She's equal parts cool DJ, badass tomboy, and flirty girl. Check out how she styles the DIFFUSE platforms for summer!

Please introduce yourself.
Hola! I'm Florencia (some of you know me as Flo) I'm a dj/model/athlete born and raised in the 305! My spanglish and Miami accenta are from Argentine parents and growing up on Ocean Drive. I eat way too much pizza and my Little Italy apartment is basically a closet for my shoes

How do you start your day? 
I wake up. I get the music going. I dance around, half asleep and get dressed for the gym. 

How would you describe your style? 
My style is fun and classic, with a latina flair. I'm a sucker for nostalgic 30s/40s vibes and definitely a skinny spaghetti strap dress from the 90s. Being a girl rules, so I'm down with being ultra feminine -- perfect mani/pedi is a must and a strappy stiletto never hurt nobody. I've been blessed with mi abuelas one-of-a-kind jewelry and my moms vintage Cartier too!

How has the big apple influenced your style? 
First of all, bye bye flip flops! They have no business in the city. Beach only! NYC has always been an inspiration since I was little--from rocking Timbs in middle school (in 90 degree weather) to understanding how to be chic in all black. NYC taught me how to wear leather and wear it well.

Five essentials every New Yorker needs. 
Common sense, a great bagel spot, daily activity (mental and physical), tough skin, and romance, whether its with a hot babe or just with everything this amazing city has to give <3

Describe the perfect shoe. 
Pretty much every stiletto decision Mariah Carey has made.

Favorite summertime escape? 
Avignon -- my family in the south of France is amazing and their provence home is the most peaceful, beautiful place ever. But if I want a quick escape, you can catch me on my beach where I spent my childhood, 2nd St and Ocean Dr on South Beach. Croquettas and chancletas!

What are you looking forward to most this summer? 

What do you love most about the DIFFUSE heel? 
Perfect peep toe and gives your foot a long sexy silhouette. Also ankle straps are my all time favorites. You can wear simple blue jeans or a cute dress and DIFFUSE gets the job done!