Style Crush | Zolita and Kaitlin

Style Crush

Ask Kaitlin Christy and Zolita how they would describe their style and they’ll respond: “schoolgirl-meets-Barbie-meets-cyber raver”. Intrigued? Yeah, we thought so. Read on about the blonde bi-coastal babes, as they spill their fave NYC hot spots and what they think it takes to be a real New Yorker.

Top 5 places to hang out in NYC?
Zolita: Tompkins Square Park, Up&Down, Beacons Closet.
Kaitlin: Cute coffee shops in the East Village, Joe’s Pizza.

What song are you playing on repeat this summer?
Z: ‘Wish You Would’ by Princess Nokia/Mykki Blanco.
K: Yes! And “Showstopper” by Danity Kane.

What makes a New Yorker?
Z: A New Yorker is someone who has a crazy dream they are working towards & are always on the move. New Yorkers don’t chill!
K: You have to be a fast walker.

Who are your personal style icons?
K: Chloe Sevigny in Party Monster, Zenon.
Z: I can’t say that I have one, but my style is definitely fueled by schoolgirl-meets-Barbie-meets-cyber raver.

What is your favorite Steve Madden shoe?
Z: The ones I’m wearing, duh!
K: Yea these shoes are too cyber fierce!

Your style is 90s pop, what made you want to embrace that?
Z: It’s fun and not too serious. I love it because I am super afraid of getting older and the 90’s style makes me feel like a little girl again.
K: It’s reminiscent of our favorite music jams. It’s playful nostalgia.