Travel Diary | Elaine Daneshrad

Travel Diary

Ever since I was little, I have dreamt about going to France— Paris in particular. It was such a dream for me to finally be able to do just that. I’ve always imagined the day that I’d be able to visit the Eiffel Tower and what better day to finally get to do it than on Bastille Day, France’s official National Day?! The day started off with a parade down the whole street from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe with military officers, army tanks, and jets above flying sky high. I headed off to Champs de Marts, I partook in a classic Parisian picnic, a mere few feet from the Eiffel Tower, and hundreds of others joining in the festivities. I spent the day roaming around the city in the ARISOTLE sandal, taking in all of the sights, and ended the night watching the most spectacular firework show at the Eiffel Tower- the perfect Parisian day if you ask me!