SoleMates | Mary and Kyle McLaughlin




Talk about #relationshipgoals! We sat down with Mary and Kyle McLaughlin, the creative couple and stylists behind Some Girls Style, to get the scoop on their couple style, perfect pairings, and love at first sight.

Please introduce yourselves.
Kyle: I’m a graphic designer.
Mary: I’m sales associate and stylist; we reside in Greenpoint.

How did you two meet?
At a local bar. One of his girlfriends came up to me and told me her friend thought I was cute. I went and introduced myself to him because I thought he was pretty cute too.
Kyle: I went to see a band and I caught sight of her crazy blonde curls. Before I could talk to her, she came up and talked to me.

How long after meeting did you get together?
We danced all that night and snuck into a local garden to hang out some more. The next day we texted back in forth to meet up again, but I didn't receive his last text to me, so I was like, “forget you”. Two days later, I sent him a text and five minutes later we met up and have been together since.

Describe your relationship in 3 words.
Best friends forever.
Mary: The perfect adventure.

Love at first sight, or lust at first sight?
Love at first sight.

Favorite way to spend time together?
We love riding our bikes everywhere. We love to dance.

How would you describe Mary?
She is really goofy; I hate that she is funnier than me.

How would you describe Kyle?
He is uninhibited and makes everyone feel comfortable. He always says hi to everyone in our neighborhood, you don't find a lot of people like that these days.

What is the ‘perfect pair’?
Definitely chocolate chips and pretzels.

Tell us a bit about Some Girls Style.
Some Girls is our personal blog that spotlights young designers and people who do things that we find interesting. It is also a creative outlet for me to style, which is something I really love.

Describe your style in 3 words. 
Change it up.
Kyle: Mary taught me.

Favorite memory of 2014?
We got married this summer at the courthouse and had a big lunch at Mondrian Hotel, and then spent the night at the Standard Hotel. Our family and friends came; We had a pretty large group waiting for our number to be called to get married. It was the perfect, simple celebration and definitely the highlight of our year.

How do you plan on ringing in the New Year?
I don't think we have thought that far in advance.
Kyle: We probably won't know until the night of.

Fill in the blank:

I knew I loved him when I saw he loved to dance.

I knew I loved her when I saw how much she loved chicken fingers.

He drives me crazy when he gives hugs when we leave an event cause then it makes me feel like I have to hug people too. I am not a hugging person.

I love when she gets ready in the morning and gets frustrated at her wardrobe.

Love is always around.