Style Crush | Alix Brown

Style Crush



New York City has no short supply of cool girls, that’s for sure. We pin-pointed the absolute coolest “need to know” girls, and they’re filling us in on what they’re up to, first fashion memories, and current obsessions. First up: Alix Brown.

Photography by Chandler Kennedy.

Atlanta, Georgia.

DJ, musician, vintage specialist.

Describe your look.

Print pairing or color clashing?
Print pairing.

Whose closet would you raid?
Brian Jones.

Can you recall the first outfit you put together?
I was really into this show Blossom when I was a kid in the 90's, so I would wear bright colors, denim overalls and big hats with flowers in them.

Girl crush?
Léa Seydoux.

Name five music muses.
Lou Reed, David Bowie, Arthur Lee, Alex Chilton, Jeff Lynne.

Most prized possession?
Salvador Dali lithograph.

If your life was a novella- who would play leading role?
Catherine Deneuve.