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New York City has no short supply of cool girls, that’s for sure. We pin-pointed the absolute coolest “need to know” girls, and they’re filling us in on what they’re up to, first fashion memories, and current obsessions. May we present: Delilah Jesinkey.

Photography by Chandler Kennedy.


Brooklyn, NY.


Describe your look.
Female Joey Ramone.

What was your vibe in High School?
I was going through a lot of lifestyle changes- I think we all were. I was listening to a lot of classic rock and wore mostly torn-up blue jeans and band tees. One day I wore Jordans, and the next day I would pull out the Doc Martens. My style has remained pretty true to its roots. Brooklyn was a deeply rich and influential place to grow up. With so many things to look at and so many different people- it was the perfect place to find yourself.

Recall a significant, personal fashion moment?
I was really excited to find a pair of tight-fitting jeans when I was a teenager – the teen dream.

Girl Crush?
4th & Bleeker <3

Name five movies that you will revisit for the rest of your life.
Pulp Fiction, The Royal Tenenbaums, True Romance, The Professional, and Clueless.

Current Obsessions?
1509 Fragrance Oil- never leave the house without it.

Most prized possession?
A painting by Seth Calder that lives in my kitchen.

If your life was a novella, who would play the leading role?
If my life was a novella, I would need Penelope Cruz to get in there.


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