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New York City has no short supply of cool girls, that’s for sure. We pin-pointed the absolute coolest “need to know” girls, and they’re filling us in on what they’re up to, first fashion memories, and current obsessions. May we present: Alexia Elkaim.

Photography by Chandler Kennedy.


Los Angeles, CA.

Music Editor at CR Fashion Book, Actress, Photographer and College student.

Star sign?

Describe your style.
French Urban Barbie. I wear as much vintage Chanel as I do Nike.

Primary colors vs. pastels?

Can you recall the first outfit you put together?
I can't remember the first outfit I put together, but my first "fashion moments" were at the Fairfax flea market.

I went every Sunday as a little girl and remember my favorite booth was owned by this lady named Sharene who had frilly Quinceanera dresses lined up for me to try on. I bought a new dress every weekend for years- it really marked the beginning of my love for vintage.

Girl crush?
Sloan from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Current obsession?
Plum Rose lip liner from NARS.

Name five influential figures that define style.
Posh Spice, Brigitte Bardot, J.Lo circa Diddy, Rihanna, Evelien Joos.

Most prized possession?
My mom's second engagement ring.

If your life were a novella, who would play leading role?
Liv Tyler.


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