21 Questions with Marija Mayer

Style Game

Sarah Ruby



We played 21 questions with our favorite millennial muse Marija Mayer.

What is your present state of mind?
My present state of mind is to go with the flow.

Most treasured possession?
This one is hard, but probably my passport.

Most treasured item of clothing?
Right now it would have to be the $10 suede and alpaca jacket I found at an antique furniture shop while looking for trinkets to decorate my apartment.

What is your idea of happiness?
My idea of happiness is a comfortable routine filled with unexpected surprises, and giant cups of coffee that aren’t extremely overpriced.

What is your motto?
I don’t really have one. You know what I mean, jellybean?

What is your favorite escape?
My apartment, with incense lit, music playing, and a couple of my close friends.

Where would you like to live?
I am perfectly content in New York, but Paris would be a close second.

A tweet to describe your personal style (140 characters or less).
Masculine with a feminine edge, comfortable and neutral, lots of dark colors, textures, velvet, leather, silk, suede, wool.

Wardrobe staple?
Crazy socks.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Without a doubt, River Phoenix. River Phoenix everything.

Favorite decade?
1970’s and all of its simplicity.

Style muse?
Young Winona Ryder, Jane Birkin, Brooke Shields, Jamie King, River Phoenix, and also my friends.

What inspires you?
Charm. I love meeting people who are full of energy and charisma, who carry themselves intelligently both through their personal style and by picking up on little details that most people might miss.

What’s your go-to look?
Baggy but comfortable jeans or corduroys, a comfy white t-shirt, my big comfy dark blue jacket and a pair of Steve Madden boots.

What is on your playlist right now?
I like rap. Makonnen, De La Soul, Travis Scott, Tribe Called Quest. I just got back from India though and wasn’t listening to a lot of rap there. Neil Young, Blood Orange, Pixies. A little bit of everything.

What are you currently coveting?
I would kill for the black leather shearling Acne jacket. It’s extremely perfect.

What is the last thing you googled?
The boy that I’m seeing.

Past, present, or future?

Sneakers or heels?
Sneakers (wonder if that will ever change).

#filter or #nofilter?
No filter.

New or vintage?