What To Wear | Summer Music Event Edition

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Summer concerts are a lot of fun, but they’re the most fun when I can look cute and be comfortable. For the Santigold concert this Thursday, at our #SteveMaddenMusic Music Hall of Williamsburg showcase, I made sure to choose pieces that are both easy on the eye and easy to move around in.


Dancing and sweating in a sea of people calls for a loose dress with a button-up tied around the waist. I chose a striped dress, (I’m a little bored of floral to be honest) which I paired with a soft ombre turquoise shirt for a pop of color. For an extra touch, frilly orange socks add a punch of fun to the white LOVVE sneakers!


This is my go-to look for any summer concert. The best part is, you can swap out one piece for another for easily interchangable vibes. You know what that means? Valuable time is saved for the many other girls who might panic in front of the mirror day of show!


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