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At only 15 years old, Sabrina Fuentes is already knocking ‘em dead. She won the VFILES web-series, “Intern Files,” plays in a riot grrrl band called Pretty Sick, and is also killin’ it at Catholic school by day. I’ve been dying to hang out with Sabrina ever since we started following each other on Instagram (follow @sabrinagfuentes for selfies, Chinatown scenes, pottery, and a glimpse at her high school experience). As the youngest on our list, she puts us all to shame with how much she’s accomplished at just age 15.

Photos: Trinh Huynh


Name: Sabrina Fuentes // @sabrinagfuentes

Age: 15

Hometown: NYC

Occupation: Junior Editor at VFILES/Bassist and lead singer of Pretty Sick.

Side hustle: Pottery and modeling

Celebrity crush? Drake.

Describe yourself in three emojis: ???

Eternal style muse? Leeloo from Fifth Element.

Most prized possession in your closet? My Creepyyeha studded pink choker.

Best place to find inspiration? I'm most inspired by my friends, the relationships I form with people and the Internet.

Favorite people watching spot? Spring St. or in Chinatown.

Go-to outfit? I like to dress monochromatically.

Favorite decade? I like this decade best.

What’s the last thing you Googled? Chloe Sevigny Miu Miu.

What's on your playlist right now? Beck, Bjork, Grimes, The Smashing Pumpkins, and First Aid Kit.

What’s your biggest “under 25” accomplishment so far? Right now, I’m just kind of living the dream.

What do you hope to accomplish by 35? I hope I have a house and a stable way to create. And maybe some cats.


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