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For me it’s all about being comfortable. In school you want to be able to concentrate on what’s important– not think about whether your skirt is too short or not. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to resort to dressing boring. I stick to the basics and have a “less is more” mentality, but I always find small ways to make an outfit more interesting. – Felicia Akerstrom

Photos by Phil Walters


How do you describe your style? I always think it’s hard to put my style into one category, but I like to keep it simple and love basics. I describe my style as pretty casual and minimalistic. However, sometimes I like to mix in a little bohemian touch or add a more feminine style.

'Back to School' essentials? I always want pretty notebooks and pencils! Somehow I get more motivated if I can write in pretty notebooks. Other than that, maybe a water bottle, hand sanitizer and a facial spray to freshen up during long days of school.

'Back To School' must-have accessory? Since it’s so important to always be on time, I would say a watch. With a little help of accessories, you can easily take your outfit to the next level. My watch is very classic and I wear it everyday.

What’s inspiring your fall look this year? For the summer, the '70s trend is inspiring me. I think it will continue into the fall season too.

What is your favorite trend you’re following for fall? I will continue to get inspired by the '70s, I just love everything about it– denim, suede, and culottes!

What were you wearing when you were in High School? I feel like I wore everything in High School, it was kind of a period where I tried every look out there. However, I think that it was necessary for me to experiment a little in order to find my own style. Don't be afraid to do the same!

Backpack, messenger bag or tote for carrying books? I would go for the tote bag.

Style crush? Two girls that definitely inspire me are Aimee Song and Julie Sarinana.

Biggest fashion faux pas? I have big problems with visible bra straps! I just can’t take it when bra straps are peeking out of dresses or shirts. Big no no!


"These shoes gives you a more casual and smart look– perfect for school."

"Platforms are perfect for a little extra height and easy to walk in and rusty orange is the perfect color for fall!"

"Tweed sneaks make casual go chic."