Style Crush | Ava Zech

Style Crush

There aren’t many people who can say they have a Best Seller book dedicated to them. Ava Zech is one of the few and she’s only sixteen. The young entrepreneur got the special shout out in Delivering Happiness, written by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Tony has taken the sixteen-year-old under his wing this summer as his protégé. Ava has been making the most of the learning experience, shadowing Tony throughout his back-to-back meetings without skipping a beat.

We caught up with Ava, who has been staying at Tony’s Airstream park in downtown Las Vegas to talk style, being a teen, and Marley, the neighborhood llama that roams around the lot.


Name: Ava Zech

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Favorite item in your closet? Overalls

Describe your personal style? My personal style is very laid back and girly.

Who’s on your playlist right now? A lot of Drake and Taylor Swift.

What’s your favorite app? Twitter.

Must-have summer accessory? This year, I would say a T-shirt dress because it's cute and keeps you cool!

Ultimate style muse? Rihanna.

Celebrity crush? Niall Horan.

Favorite people-watching spot? Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle.

Favorite decade? The ‘90s.

Go-to outfit? High waisted shorts and a crop top.

Sneakers or sandals? Sneakers.

What gives you FOMO? Family, friends and laughter.

Who do you Insta-stalk? Harry Styles.

What was the last thing you Googled? Kendrick Lamar.

What’s your life motto? Always find happiness.


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