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It’s no question that the nineties put out some of the best films of our times. Not only did the decade produce perennial cult classics, but the characters within each film have transcended as eternal style muses and continue to inform today’s trends. This season, we’re especially inspired by these stylish heroines: the dreamy Lux Lisbon of Virgin Suicides, grunge babe Tai Frasier of Clueless, sultry Kathryn Merteuil of Cruel Intentions, psychedelic Michelle Burroughs of Dazed and Confused and goth queen Nancy Downs of The Craft.


On top of having the iconic characters brought to life via Megan Schaller’s imaginative illustrations, we deconstruct their memorable looks to give you exactly what you need to channel the look!


Photos by Yohei Koinuma
Illustration by Megan Schaller

Cruel Intentions - Kathryn Merteuil 

Although manipulative and evil, there’s no denying that beautiful and popular Kathryn Merteuil had killer style. Sexy heels and Audrey Hepburn sunglasses are key to her look.

Clueless - Tai Frasier

As the new girl in school, Tai went from grunge tomboy to preppy popular. All you need are stacked sneaks and a trusty flannel to emulate the look!

The Virgin Suicides - Lux Lisbon 

Lux Lisbon, the protagonist sister of the ethereal, tragic The Virgin Suicides, exudes a dreamy aesthetic in flowy dresses and girly ensembles. Quilted, nude flats go perfectly with her iconic “Trip”-marked undies.

Dazed & Confused - Michelle Burroughs

Milla Jovovich’s character in the seventies-set movie was hands down the most stylish of the retro film. Chunky platforms, aviators and a kickass record channel the groovy vibes.

The Craft - Nancy Downs

We’re digging the goth looks of The Craft’s troubled, supernatural Nancy owns. Achieve the sinister style with dark lips, a spiked choker and combat boots.

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