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Blogger Tilden Brighton has the full low-down on back to school style. After years of dressing in darker, “cooler” clothes in high school, Tilden ditched the darker duds and embraced color which led to the success of her aptly titled blog, To Be Bright. She let us in on what her fall must-haves are and much-needed advice on September style!

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How do you describe your style? I would consider my style as transitional. As I grow and change environments, my style reflects that transition in my life.

Back to School essentials? GOOD PENS. I’m a big “To Do List” writer, so these are very key to have. I’m also a big note taker and prefer large-lined notebooks to keep my thoughts together. Finally, an agenda/planner to keep my week at large as scheduled as can be!

Back To School must-have accessory? A pencil/pen pouch to keep, not only those in check, but also keep smaller items all in one place– Tide To Go, erasers, personal Items, etc.

What’s inspiring your fall look this year? Right now, short leather boots, like the AUSTIN are inspiring my fall look for this year. I love them paired with a boho dress or shorts when it’s still warm in those beginning weeks, then transitioning them to fall with a pair of skinny jeans and big scarves for chillier temps.

What is your favorite trend you’re following for fall? Incorporating summer pieces into the cooler months. From wearing dresses over jeans tucked in at a pocket to culottes paired up with a long sleeve or light jacket. I definitely think making the most use out of your closet helps to create the most unique ensembles.

Backpack, messenger bag or tote for carrying books? Definitely backpack. I sported one all four years (of high school) and into college. Plus, you’ll find your shoulders are much happier with equal weight distribution.

Style crush? I can’t say I have one single style crush, I get so much inspiration from the bloggers I follow to the people I see on the street. One of my favorite things to do is search "Fashion Bloggers" on Pinterest, sometimes specifying what kind of outfit I’m looking for. There’s a ton of inspiration just on one page and you discover so many bloggers you never knew existed and become obsessed with their outfit choices!

Best movie/show for “Back To School” style inspo? Funny enough, the old Mary-Kate and Ashley movies have more inspiration for "Back to School" than I initially gave them credit for. Although I’ll never wear flatforms, I’m a big choker necklace fan, in gold metal form. Watch a few of them and you’ll be triggered to try a style from your youth that has become retro for today’s fashion.

Biggest fashion faux pas? The biggest fashion faux-pas I can think of is wearing tall leather boots with shorts. Dresses are fine, skirts are pushing it, but shorts are a definite NO.


"Highlight that summer tan with white hot sneakers indoors."

"Navy is the new black; and the best place to start with this trend is with your footwear."

"Keep the festival spirit alive in ankle boots with a flowy top over shorts, for that signature bohemian look."

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