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Over 50,000 people tune in to Kiana Fernandez’s (aka @kianahearts) YouTube channel– and she hasn’t even graduated High School yet. Posting hauls, her OOTW (outfits of the week), and styling/makeup how-tos, the teen stands out from the pack because of her bijou style, self-drawn illustrations and impressive editing skills. The Texan YouTuber caught the attention of tween queen Tavi Gevinson, and has since become a Rookie Mag contributor. We asked Kiana to put her sweetheart spin on our favorite ‘90s movie muses Tai Frasier, Lux Lisbon, Nancy Downs, Kathryn Merteuil and Michelle Burroughs.


"Dazed and Confused’s Michelle Burroughs has a few fashion staples: vests, crop tops and long necklaces. I improvised the exact look with a trip to the thrift store and a pair of scissors. I created the tan vest by cutting the sleeves off a cardigan and altered a purple sweater into a makeshift crop top. Finally, high waisted denim shorts and the leather BALBINA wooden wedges help achieve the effortless look of the groovy girl." – Kiana


All Photos by Kiana Fernandez

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