Blogger Besties | Jeanne + Natalie Pt. 3




Bloggers Jeanne Grey of Grey Layers and Natalie Liao of Nalieli are the stylish besties of everyone's envy. As BFFs, they're pretty in tune with each other's fashionable tastes and what is missing from their wardrobes. We know that a few Steve Maddens were on their lists this year and asked the two what shoes they were gifting one another for the holidays!

Last on the list, Jeanne and Natalie gift eachother the GORGEOUS OTK boot– great minds gift alike! Keep scrolling to why these shoes are perfect for one another! 

Photos by Rufus Barkley


(That's Jeanne on the left and Natalie on the right)

JEANNE: "We have such similar tastes that picking presents for Natalie always feels like picking presents for myself! It's always hard to let go of the ones I choose because I always end up wanting them (but this is where sharing takes place place *wink wink*)."

NATALIE: "It's always great to have a girlfriend whose taste in style matches yours. You intuitively know what the other wants because you'll probably want the same thing for yourself."

JEANNE: “These black boots are perfect for Nat because black is her thing just as it is mine! She loves comfy things and this would be perfect for her oversized sweaters!"

NATALIE: “I picked these grey boots for Jeanne because I already know she has a black pair of knee-high boots. Thought it’d be nice for her to expand her collection!”

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