In 2013, stylist and fashion editor Heathermary Jackson portrayed the works of James Concannon, Jade Bearreau, Jason Levins, and Jake Lamagno in a curated art show at The Great Jones Space. The success and magnetism of that show eventually evolved into what we know now as vintage mainstay Brownstone Cowboys. Your appointment only, one stop shop for everything vintage.



How did you originally get into the vintage world?
I've always loved vintage clothing back when I was a teenager in New Zealand. There was a vintage store I loved called 'this is not a love shop.' I decided to start after an art show I curated in nyc that we called 'Stacy Adams and the brownstonecowboys' I had all my many purchases of designer clothing from the nineties in storage in Nz and I decided to turn the website into a vintage clothing online store. I have a lot of fun sourcing clothes from the south. Alabama, Nashville, Athens and Atlanta Georgia to name a few. That was about 3 years ago.

What do you look for when you're vintage shopping for yourself?
I love vintage tee shirts and finding great jeans from the seventies. Oh and bags are always fun to find good unique vintage bags.

What rules do you abide by when shopping for your store and website?
I always go to the boys section, you can find some great cropped jeans there, this is when I'm thrifting. The thrift stores are huge! I'm normally looking for fabric that looks good, the perfect sweatshirts and military vintage good pieces normally stick out somehow. I can do three thrift stores at the most a day. It's hard work going through all the racks of clothing. It's worth it. Just this weekend I went to an estate sale in Athens Georgia and got some amazing fifties dresses and awesome oversized overcoats - Vetements vibes , so good! That got me excited.

Where do you feel inspired in New York?
I love the old ladies in china town and a lot of the older men also. They have great style. I also love ritual vintage store on kenmare. They always have such a great selection of Victorian and Edwardian dresses. That is inspiring.

What's your favorite vintage piece you've ever found?
I would say a Victorian cream blouse, it's great with jeans and fits me perfectly! That and some amazing crocodile low block heal 1960s shoes they are magnificent , they looking similar to a Celine pump. I love them!