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If you crack open the dictionary and look up "badass", you'll surely find a picture of photographer Magdalena Wosinska. The LA based photog lives and breathes the American rock & roll lifestyle, as evidenced by her inate ability to spontaneously jump into a scene and capture the perfect moment with her camera (case in point: the Bowery Riot and Venice Bitchin' lookbooks she shot for SM Mag). We took some time to chat with Magda about her craziest on-set moment ever and what she's currently inspired by.


SM: Please introduce yourself
Magdalena Wosinska, born in Katowice Poland, currently living in Highland Park, Los Angeles CA

East Coast Vs. West Coast
East coast is full of life and loud amazing energy, I prefer the West Coast though. Its sunny, healthy and a bit quieter, so it helps me focus.

Tell us about your very first encounter with a camera.
I think I was 14 and took a self portrait on an old Nikon.

Craziest moment on set to date?
Falling off a boat on set, loosing $10,000 worth of gear from it falling into the sea, and almost drowning! But I finished the rest off the shoot on an iPhone and some other crappy camera.

I submitted those images to Converse and that’s how I landed my first campaign with them. Had to finish the day!

Who is your current muse?
Oooooooooooh new faces I see everyday…

Favorite scenic views on the West Coast?
Any place in Big Sur.

What is currently inspiring your aesthetic?

What are you most looking forward to this Summer?
More travel!


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