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Meet Kota: the blue-haired LA cool girl who's been all over our radar this past month. From dancing around in Pharell's latest music video, to stirring up trouble in our Venice Bitchin' editorial, everyone is taking notice. We caught up with the West Coast babe to find out where she scores her vintage threads and what her summer must-haves are.


SM: Please introduce yourself
My name is Kota, I’m an artist and model from the heart of Washington DC, I moved to Los Angeles a little over a year ago and signed with Photogenics, life too bomb. I have blue hair.

How do you kick start your morning routine?

Describe life on the West Coast.
Its like living in a different country with the same currency, seriously. Compared to the east coast, I’m completely spoiled. Not only is it 72 and sunny almost everyday, you can drive 2 hours out of the city and end up surrounded by Joshua Trees extending their limbs towards the sky, or sit surf-side in La jolla with locals. They know of all the great secret spots to grab affordable deals and meals. The best part about being here was discovering my capacity of curiosity, stepping outside of myself and into a new vast landscape. Its so overwhelmingly beautiful here.

Favorite place to find amazing vintage threads?
I have a few favorites where I find my prized pieces. I make it a point to take full advantage of all the city has to offer. If you’re ever near Silverlake, check out Vintage Vortex or the saturday morning farmers market off sunset.

Little Tokyo also has some random treasures, amongst the ramen noodleshops tucked away, one of my personal favorites is Raggedy Threads. I once bought a jacket there made entirely out of indestructible helicopter mapping. #tbt to that one time I needed it in the Amazon.

What completes your off-duty look?
Girls that dress like boys, all day everyday. You don’t have to wear pants to be masculine, or a skirt to be feminine—it’s all about challenging the norm. I love wearing seafoam green to enhance my hair color, a bit of white liner in my inner lid to take away sleepiness. Concoctive clothing is my style, something delicate with something leather, a floral hat flipped backwards and some 90s shades makes me feel like i can relax, while still walking through the greatest music video you’ve never seen.

Essentials for a crazy, sexy, cool Summer.
I’m obsessed with RMS luminizer, it works on any skin tone, and is one of the healthiest highlighter options around. Its made mostly of coconut oil! Speaking of coconuts, pure unrefined Coconut oil for hair hydration, eyelash conditioner, and building the best copper tan. I always hack off a pair of my favorite pants to create the perfect shorts. And a milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard. Duh

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