Festival Diaries | Day 1


Angela Pham



I was lazily awoken by the desert sun streaming through my large windows and the aroma of the delicious foods being prepared for the Steve Madden X Galore brunch. Without needing to check the temperature, I automatically donned my lightest vintage caftan, and paired it with a nude Steve Madden heel. Galore events always bring out the beautiful nightlife people, and though this was a daytime brunch, this was no exception.

I headed to Ingleside Inn to shoot a daytime poolside bash. The setting, very old-school classic Palm Springs, inspired DJ and party host Mia Moretti, to throw a "rat pack"-inspired party, where she and her LA crew took turns spinning records. I loved Mia's intentional kitsch direction -- the bright yellow color palette and the deviled eggs!

That evening, I attended one of the Soho House Pop-Ups that took place at the famed Merv Griffin Estate. The luxurious mansion and the property were so overwhelmingly envy-inducing, that I quickly grabbed a champagne cocktail to battle the distress. Next stop was a party for Flaunt magazine, which felt like a scene right out of GIRLS -- lots of Brooklyn vibes, and for some reason, BBQ ribs being served up by Kelis (yes, Kelis who's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard). Still on East Coast Time, I was exhausted by 1 AM, and headed home with a belly full of ribs and champagne.