Festival Diaries | Day 2


Angela Pham



Saturday was the day I'd been bracing myself for, the most hectic and busy days in terms of work and shooting. Considering my outfit that AM, I was hesitant to wear anything too cumbersome because I would be mostly outside in the sweltering sun. I have been saving this turquoise blue ostrich feather skirt for the perfect occasion, and this was it! The skirt is, well, light-as-a-feather, and pairs perfectly with my coral silk top and my nude Steve Madden heels. I first shot the StyleCaster party in Indio. It took place at this ranch they had rented for the weekend, which housed style bloggers and StyleCaster crew. It was a casual daytime affair; people lazed near the pool eating tacos or designed hair flower wreaths (seems to be the obligatory Coachella accessory). The highlights included Chloe Noregaard's DJ setlist and the liquored snow cones. That evening, I was late for my next job due to being so overcome with a hankering for In-N-Out. I did something I am not proud of. I broke one of my rules and I drove to my job and ate an entire Double Double meal, at the same time. #NoRegrets The H&M party was the last job on my list, but a very late one (I would be working until 4 am). Excitingly, for fashionistas, this was the event to announce and celebrate the design collaboration between H&M and Alexander Wang. In classic A. Wang fashion, the VIP area was teeming with major celebs -- Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson, Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard. And onstage, Iggy Azalea performed. Major Laser's set was a much needed boost of energy, and I made it home in one piece by 5 am.