Festival Diaries | Day 3


Angela Pham



It was bittersweet, arriving at Sunday, because it was the first day I wouldn't be working, but the last day for me to experience the festival. I woke up late in the afternoon, having worked the H&M event until 5 am the evening before. I felt like I deserved a lazy afternoon before heading to Coachella. I indulged in my favorite activity -- I sat poolside with a cup of coffee and my vacation read (Ian McEwan's Enduring Love). It was so refreshing to have a moment to myself after I've been flitting from party to party; I actually felt like I was on vacation for a small moment. Prince and Jacob (the boys from Galore) recommended an amazing small organic cafe in Palm Springs, where I had some delicious huevos rancheros. Before I headed off, Jacob shot some photos of me in my caftan and my Steve Madden BOUNDREE sandals. Perfect festival shoes -- comfortable yet stylish!

I mentioned it was my day-off, but I actually brought my camera to shoot Street Style looks for Billy Farrell Agency. I arrived at the festival just before my the best time of the day for light, The Golden Hour. The sun isn't harsh, but a beautiful crimson and yellow, and I was able to get some great shots of chic festival-goers. I managed to watch just one band perform, one of my favorite bands, Neutral Milk Hotel. All my friends were sticking around for Lana Del Rey, but I could feel myself being overcome with fatigue. I returned to the SoHo House pop-up at the Merv Girffin Estate to relax for some time in the jacuzzi, while waiters passed me quesedillas and cocktails. Pure luxury. What felt even more luxurious, however, was being in bed before midnight. And that is how my ultimate "crazy" Coachella weekend concluded -- blissfully in bed.