Festival Diaries | Laura Harrier


I landed at LAX full of excitement, bad airport food, and seasonal depression, desperately needing a weekend in the sun. My bestie Caitlin picked me up, and we were off on a desert adventure. Steve Madden had generously offered to host us in their Coachella house for the weekend, and I've never been one to pass up on hot musicians or free booze, so there we were!

I was gently awoken Friday morning by a prosecco hangover and my best friend's snoring, so I knew Coachella had begun! Steve Madden and my old friends Prince and Jacob of Galore Magazine hosted a super cute welcome brunch at our house. As I stuffed my face with avocado toast and avoided eye contact with supermodels, a new friend in the pool beaconed to me. I was then so stoked to see one of my closest friends, Kilo Kish. And of course, our gorgeous SM Digital Creative Director, Khalym Schell. As the awesome party winded down, we decided to head into the festival. My LANII flats carried me into the evening, where I wrapped up the day shaking it like a polaroid picture to Outkast with some of my favorite people.

Day 2 started out as a perfect desert day. I casually caught a few rays before heading to the Lacoste pool party. We then made our way to the festival, where I bumped into my friend Julian. He gave me a disposable camera from his ThroughWhose photo project to help document the weekend. As nighttime rolled around, a sandstorm rolled in, or as I like to call it, God's bronzer. I covered my whole head with my beautifully white (now brown) scarf and ghosted my way out of there.

We woke up on day 3 looking like the crypt keepers, so went straight to the festival to avoid embarrassment at beautiful people parties. I stole Kilo Kish's super cute SM TERRANCE sandals (whoops sorry girl!) and snapped a quick pic with my bush. The day flew by, and we bounced around from Blood Orange to Little Dragon to Disclosure. But the musical highlight of the festival came at Arcade Fire. Dancing to an epic set from one of my favorite bands, with my best friend, under the desert night sky; everything was pretty perfect.