Governors Ball | Recap


This weekend, Outkast celebrated my first time going to a music festival by headlining at the Governors Ball. Well, it was also their 20th anniversary tour, but either way you put it, it was a memorable night for me. The only thing better than finally seeing Outkast perform in NYC was seeing them in good company. I spent the sunny weekend on Randall’s Island with some of my favorite ladies—Brandee Brown, Kitty Cash, Nianga Niang, and Chelsea Leyland- in the perfect Steve Madden shoe.

When it comes to a music festival, the outfit definitely begins with the shoes. Most importantly, you have to consider the terrain, and after hearing about last years Gov Ball hurricane, I took no chances. I picked the STEFANO sandal to carry me through the day; Not only does it have a chunky heel to elevate my five foot two frame, but I felt so Summer chic with the pop of white on my feet. After a long day of standing at show after show, wading through massive crowds, and finally trekking over the bridge back to the mainland, my feet felt fabulous, and I still put the STEFANO on the next day. ‘Hello’ new fave summer shoe!


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