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Lisa Przystup has been garnering quite a bit of attention lately. The likes of Urban Outfitters, Vogue, and Rachel Comey have been tapping into the creative mind behind James’s Daughter Flowers, bringing her winding organic floral arrangements to the masses. The sweet-as-sugar floral artist let us into her cozy Greenpoint apartment (which was thoughtfully decorated from end to end with antique finds and dried and fresh blooms of every sort), and gave us some simple steps to making a rustic bouquet and easy floral brooch to don all summer.


What you'll need: Chicken wire, flower clippers, scotch tape, statement blooms (larger flowers, like roses, peonies, or dahlias), secondary blooms (smaller flowers, or wildflowers), greenery, floral tape.

1. Cut a strip of chicken wire, work into a ball that will fit in the bottom of the vase. Fill vase with water.

2. (Optional) make a grid with tape over the tip of the vase, to hold flowers in place.

3. Add greenery to establish an asymmetrical base.

4. Introduce statement flowers, three to five blooms, depending on look and end size of the arrangement.

5. Layer in smaller secondary blooms.

6. Construct layers, building upwards and leaving some flowers long and cutting others short.

Tips: There are so many varieties of flowers to work with; part of the fun is playing with as many as you can, and learning what works best with your style.

There are no hard and fast rules, and even if there were, rules were meant to be broken. The general idea is to keep the eye moving, have a diverse, visually interesting arrangement—a strategically gorgeous hot mess.

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