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Do you know Kathy Lo? I bet you’ve seen her around; camera in hand (and probably laptop, too). She is forever running around backstage, snapping models laughing or posing or looking bored, trying to find wifi to upload photos. A true talent, Kathy has been around the city since 2008, working for COACD, NYMag, the journal, and various model agencies. Capturing vulnerable photos of the city’s most beautiful as well as stunning landscapes, and her cat’s tail, Kathy is a steadfast photography presence in and around NYC. Keep your eye out for her.


What are your summer travel plans?
Nothing planned yet, but hopefully go back out to the Adirondacks and just relax.

This summer in NYC, what are you most excited about eating? Seeing?
I'm excited to see how my garden is going to turn out this year!!! Every year is a learning experience...

Why do you love photography?
I fell in love with it because I was able to capture the moment, and a look back in time of the memories, and that particular moment.

Do you have a muse?
My boyfriend is my muse [laughs].

What do you try to capture through photography?
For myself - the moment, the memories, the beauty, the little details, the everything...

Your photos are really candid. How do you make that work for fashion shoots?
My photos may be candid, but there are still steps leading up to creating that image.

What's your trick for making subjects comfortable?
Relax and be chill :) But I would say music is always good!

What do you love more than anything in the whole world?
I have so many loves for so many things...

Describe your photo aesthetic in four words.
Natural, humor, personal, candid.


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