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Brandee Brown (possibly the originator of the endearing term “bb”) is a director, actress and general it girl/muse. Really into food and obsessed with having a good time, you’ll recognize her from a lot of Ryan McGuinley photos.


What activities are you excited about doing this summer?
I’m excited to travel and meet tons of cute dudes.

What’s your favorite place in NYC? Has it changed since you were little?
Any rooftop that allows you to see the sunrise, or sunset- it renews my love for the city every time I’m pretty sure my favorite place when I was little was Central Park (I grew up right across the street), and the bathroom in my house.

What are you working on these days?
Right now I’m working on three film projects: one for a magazine, that I’m directing and also starring in. The other is my own creation - a skit-like short. I love to laugh, it makes life so much easier, I wanna share my love of laughter with everyone! Last but not least, I’m directing a little short for my friend Kitty Cash. She’s a DJ, it’s for her mix tape. Gonna listen to the song she wants me to work with right after this, let’s hope my brain still has some juice!

Which do you love more: pizza or tacos?  
Guuuurl… What kinda question is that!? That’s like asking which you like better between milkshakes and pie! It’s so impossible to decide and probably better left alone, but big ups to Joe’s Pizza (always n’ forever, best slice). Nothing beats spots in San Fran for Mexican, but if I had to choose somewhere here in NY, I like Downtown Bakery. Woop woop!

What are you going to wear this summer?
I’m going to wear navy blue worker man khakis all summer long. I have two favorite pairs: one is from The Gap, and the other is from Rag and Bone. I love shit like that. Good basics-- so easy.

When’s the last time you kissed someone?
Hmm the last time I kissed someone I was in a dark room, dancing, and having the best time ever. Being young is so much fun, damn.

Finish this sentence: Summer in New York is like...
No other…


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