"Begin Route" by Kilo Kish

Track Tuesday

Sarah Ruby



Singer/songwriter/rapper/model/all around cool girl Kilo Kish just pulled a Beyoncé and surprise-dropped her latest EP, Across, last week. After a series of cryptic Instagram hints, Kilo Kish finally released the tracklist, as well as a video for “Begin Route”. The entire EP is a nostalgic dreamscape in itself, comprised of sewn together beats and sound clips, lyrics that fall somewhere in-between rap and slam-poetry, and sailing, echoing vocal hooks. Across is Kish’s sophomore project to 2013’s mixtape and visual installation, K+, which featured an impressive compilation of collaborative work from the likes of A$AP Ferg, Childish Gambino, and Earl Sweatshirt. Download Across here, and buy it on vinyl August 25th.