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Shea Marie wears a lot of (cute) hats. Let us explain. Shea boasts an impressive resume: stylist, creative consultant, TV host, designer, photographer, model; the list goes on. Don’t be so quick to peg her as “just another California blonde”—Shea is a style chameleon, seamlessly transitioning from sleek sophistication to sexed up rock n’ roll to laid back Cali cool. Next up, the blogger is joining forces with Steve Madden to put forth a line of utterly cool boots, heels, and slides just in time for fall. It goes without saying that Shea knows style, and knows how to show off that style on her perfectly curated Instagram. With 566,950 followers and counting, she has to be doing something right, right? The social media queen shares some of her insta-advice for achieving the perfect selfie. Read and take notes.

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"I travel to get inspired."

"I travel to Paris for fashion, and Bali for vacation."

"Instagram loves a good jeweled hand holding a cappuccino!"

"I look best in the Valencia filter."

"Makeup should compliment your beauty, not supplement it."

"A good blue sky is the perfect insta-backdrop."

"I don't know that blondes have more fun, but they definitely get more attention."

"I box- I'm obsessed."

"Work hard and be nice to people."

"Good hairstylists are a girl's best friend."