Real Talk | Intern Do's and Don'ts

Real Talk

Everyone knows you have to start from the bottom if you want to get to the top. Interns may get stuck with the nitty gritty work, but we'd be nowhere without them. The Digital Creative Team shares surefire advice - tips to seal the deal as the department pet and how to stay clear of trouble in the office.

Always come prepared with an awesome idea. You never know when you'll run into Steve on the way to the kitchen. Also, make sure you're wearing Steve Madden, duh!

Remember everyone's name. Nothing is sweeter than the sound of a person's own name. Honey gets honey.

Be enthusiastic. Your face should be in upside down frown zone ­no matter how many times you've had to run to Starbucks.

Be resourceful. Ask questions, but if you can google it, don't ask.

Interning is like boxing: stick and move. Most of your time is spent staying out of the way, but when opportunity arises, knock 'em dead.

Keep it in your pants. Wait until after 5 PM to Snapchat the cute guy/girl from Ecomm.

Be friendly, but not too friendly. Just because the VP of Marketing said "good morning" doesn't mean you're on Instagram DM status.

Be professional. Keep your phone in your pocket. ­No one wants to hear you organize your Tinder date.

Dress the part. The hot outfit you wore to last night's bar crawl in Bushwick probably isn't office appropriate.

Keep busy or at least look it. An impromptu photo shoot of laptop selfies is sure to blow your cover.

Illustrations by Deer Dana.


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