Meet Deer Dana



Partners in crime Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel are the creative duo behind DEERDANA: a collection of illustrated tees, totes and fun objects that feature famous faces we cant get enough of i.e. Sade, Yeezy, Lil Wayne, and Pablo Picasso- just to name a few. Not to mention their designs have been donned by everyone from Jay-Z to Biebs- talk about major street cred! Read on to find out what fashion’s friendliest faces are most inspired by and what they’re jamming to while whipping up ultra cool portraits.


Please introduce yourselves.
Dana and Kevin - We are the founders of Deer Dana, we make t-shirts and other objects with our portrait drawings printed on them.

How did you guys meet?
We met in a nightclub in 2006 :)

Very first DEER DANA portrait?
Lil' Kim

Name a dream celeb you would invite to your studio for a sit-down portrait?
Dana: Damien Echols
Kevin: Francis Bacon

What sounds are you currently jamming to while you work?
Drake, Serge Gainsbourg, Mas Ysa, Lana Del Ray

Daily dose of inspiration?
Friends' Instagram feeds, our book collection

Favorite portrait to date?
Dana: Frida
Kevin: Picasso

What’s up next for DEER DANA?
We are making ashtrays and other fun items for holiday!

This or That?

Iced coffee or Iced Tea?
Dana: Iced espresso
Kevin: Iced Tea

Markers or Crayons?

Long Walks or Long Drives?
Walks, we can't drive!

AM or PM?

Sweet or Savory?

Land or Sea?

Road Trip or Jet Set?
Jet set then Road Trip once we're there.


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