Sister, Sister | Chris and Chandler Kennedy


Sarah Ruby



Chris and Chandler Kennedy come from a long line of muses/fashion-focused sisters, but the two west-coast natives are making names of their own in NYC. Both sisters dabble in the art and photography worlds, and appear to be more like twins (specifically, the dancing twin emoji) than sisters, despite their age difference. We got to catch up with the Kennedy girls in their breezy West Side apartment and chat about embarrassing memories and sister dynamics.

Photography by Kava Gorna, Interview by Natasha Nunez.

Hi ladies. Please introduce yourselves.
Hi. My name is Chandler Kennedy, and this is my second mother Chris. We are two different people, we swear. We're both currently living in Manhattan, taking filtered photos on our iPhones - we're photographers, right? (laughs). No really, among several lines of work, we shoot photos/love you/let you know you're doing great. Go you. We're both from LA.

Astrological sign?
I'm a Pisces and Chan is a Gemini. We clash nearly the same amount as we compliment one other. We're both too sensitive, too stubborn, and too driven to be "right." But, if things are silent for too long, one of us wins the other over with a text from the other room. Usually as simple as "Sry 4 bein’ mean :( " If you smile, you're not allowed to be mad anymore.

Chris, describe a typical morning at home with Chandler.
Usually awakened by a limerick or a quote a mother would say to her child to get excited for the first day of fourth grade. We always eat breakfast together.

Chandler, you are now living in the big Apple full-time-- East Coast vs. West Coast?
Chandler: It really is black and white. New York definitely motivates me to pick up the pace. For me, LA is just a huge comfort zone. I felt too young to act retired.

Best piece of advice from your sister?
Take the stairs.

Chandler, fondest memory of growing up as the youngest sibling in a fairly large family?
I always had a hand reaching back for me; someone was always always, always trying to hold my hand. To this day, Chris reaches for me. We're working through it, now she just reaches a pinky. It’s progress.

Chris, what was Chandler’s go-to outfit as a toddler?
Head to toe Esmeralda [from Hunchback of Notre Dame] outfit that she copped on her third birthday. The shoes lit up.

Chandler, name three items Chris carries with her at all times.
Red lipstick, cash monies, an existential book on a European philosopher no one's ever heard before.

Chris, describe your first encounter with a camera.
Hmmm, I can’t think of my first, but a more significant memory later on would've been saving my film to get it developed and being so happy to get it back. At that time I knew it was something I loved. I started carrying disposables in my backpack.

Chandler, you are planning a dream photo shoot. Who’s on set and where are you shooting?
Here in the city, somewhere as simple as a balcony or windowsill. Undoubtedly, Romy Byrne- she's enough, I promise. Chris, what music can we find on Chandler’s most recent playlist. Chris: Anything produced by DJ Mustard. Chandler: Big sisters are sometimes smaller than you (it's okay).

Fill in the blank...

Family is Baby Chan.

Chandler: Chris hates bad breath.

Chris: Chandler loves cookies and almond butter.