"Burn Rubber" by Chargaux

Track Tuesday

Sarah Ruby



It was love at first sight (and sound) when we met Charly and Margaux, the eclectic musicians who make up Chargaux. They gave us exclusive access to their soon-to-be-released album, Broke & Baroque, which chronicles the art of the hustle for the violin/viola duo. Spoken word tracks, where the girls divulge starting from the bottom, musical processes and inspirations, and the pursuit of dreams, are interwoven with sound bites of melodies and full-length singles. The EP features 10 tracks that highlight a unique sound, comprised of classical string melodies, mellow R&B vocals, and a variety of pulsating, experimental beats. These girls are putting a seriously cool new spin on classical music—trust us, it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. You can hear Broke & Baroque September 17th, but to tide you over until then, you can listen to of the album’s singles, “Lullaby” and “Burn Rubber”, below. Be sure to also check out our interview with Charly and Margaux in our Sister, Sister feature.