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Beauty Mark

Sarah Ruby



It’s that critical time of year when we all must decide on what our fall look will be; allow us to make your decision a little easier. This fall, embrace a candy-colored swipe of liner to highlight your eyes. The straight-off-the-runway look is best complimented with a deep side part. Beauty guru Danielle Cirilli shows us how to ace the look.


Hair and Makeup by Danielle Cirilli. Photos by Jason Rodgers.

Start with a beautiful blank canvas: prime face with a light tinted moisturizer. Using an angled brush, apply your colored eyeliner of choice (we went for a deep teal), sweep out past outer corners, to create a small wing, and add a swipe of mascara. Keep brows groomed, blush minimal, and lips simple and nude to let the eyes do all the talking.

A dramatic eye should be paired with easy hair. Apply a shine serum and blow out hair. Comb into a deep side part and use a lightweight spray to set the look.

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