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Jordan Monaghan goes from crazy to stunner in 60 seconds—one of the many reasons we love her. From her crazy onset antics to the serious face she gives when she gets in front of a camera, we’re so obsessed with the bicoastal cutie. Read on as she gives us the lowdown on East vs. West and her not-so-model-y secret habits.


Please introduce yourself.
My name is Jordan Monaghan. I just recently turned 23. Michigan is where I grew up. I am with Nous models on the West Coast and Elite on the East.

First gig?
I can't lie to you, I honestly don't remember. I know I was about 12 years old. I believe it was for some sort of car brand and it shot in Michigan. And it was cold.

Describe life on the East Coast.
Much better! Haha I just moved here from Los Angeles about three months ago. I was in LA for the past 8 years; it was an interesting time to say the least. But I am in love with New York and so happy to be here.

Are you ready for winter?
I actually am a little excited about it. This is the first fall I've been able to witness in about 7 years or so. It's my favorite time of year and I always missed home terribly during fall when I was in LA. But I also kind of love snow. It might sound strange, but I'm excited to just sit in it.

LA or NY?
New York <3

Go-to uniform this season?
Usually vintage anything. Throw some kind of fun sock with it. Knee high, thigh high, tights. Big ugly grandpa sweater; I'm into it.

Style muse?
I don't think I have one, I really just wake up and decide what era I will be dressing from based on my mood. I have been living in the 80s and 90s a whole lot recently--I watched clueless the other day.

Coffee or tea?
Cappuccino, please.

Share one beauty secret you picked up on-set.
There are so many things! But what comes to mind at the moment is learning how to properly apply mascara. You know, the moving the brush from side to side, going up the lash technique. Does that make sense?

Favorite movie of all time?
Gladiator. I will sit and watch it anytime it is playing on TV. I'm obsessed. I may or may not know all of the words to every scene.

Dine in or dine out?
I'm all about laying around in sweat pants eating a pizza on my bed. Gluten free of course. Celiac life.

Sweetest memory of 2014?
Getting to work for Steve Madden, of course.