Steve Madden Music presents Kimbra

Track Tuesday

Sarah Ruby



Last night, hoards of pop music enthusiasts gathered at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for a special Steve Madden Music event: a presentation of their newest artist, Kimbra. There was a line around the block long before doors were open, or the opening act was set to take the stage. Once the doors were opened, fans grabbed drinks, scoured the merch table, and flooded the hall, piling as close to the stage as possible to get a good spot for the highly anticipated show. The opening act, Empress Of, finally took the stage and played a captivating set. Come intermission, everyone was buzzing about the headlining act. Kimbra’s performance certainly did not disappoint. The artist played an extensive set of her best known songs, and some hits off her new album, The Golden Echo, and had the crown dancing all night. Kimbra’s on and off stage personas are very similar: enthusiastic, bubbly, a bit dramatic, the list of adjectives goes on an on. Needless to say, the hall was filled to the brim with energy long after the encore was over.