Art Basel Photo Diary

Travel Diary



Our favorite party kids Chloe Mackey and Jack McCready flew down to Miami this past weekend to check out the Art Basel scene. Check out their photo diary, and see them take in some sunshine, parties, and a lil art too.


Chloe takes a bathroom selfie at Hotel Astor

Chloe Mackey: While waiting for Jack in the airport, I decided to check my Tinder to kill time. For the duration of the weekend, it just kept displaying the message “there is no one new around you.” That seemed to become the theme of the weekend, when I realized Basel is basically summer camp for cool, “artsy” New Yorkers who are over the cold weather.

Jack McCready: We touched down Thursday evening. This was my second year coming down to Basel and last year had been hella crazy and a lot of fun so I knew I had to return in 2k14 (BASEL OR BUST). This time around I was here to work on some parties with Bullett magazine and otherwise just have a blast with my friends and fam. My sister, Devon, described Basel as “the destination wedding of Miami and New York, and they only invited their closest friends.” I can’t help but to agree completely.

We were wiped from our travels,but I helped Bullett host a party at Hotel Astor with DJ sets from my friend Aiden and designer Timo Weiland.

CM: Aiden and I did a quick detour after his set to the Le Baron pop-up at The Delano, immediately realized it was way too crowded, and went back to Astor. Timo, Jack, and I ended up begging the bouncer outside a very-much-closed Twist to let us in (OK, it WAS 5am…), but we eventually wound up back at the hotel, exhausted from our travels.

Hari Nef performs, wearing the NEWBEE

Chloe, in the FRENNZY

Sunset Drive Gallery

JM: Friday morning we got up earlier than usual and headed over to SELECT art fair to see our friend Hari Nef, an artist/model/actress, perform her piece "I am your Girlfriend pt. 2: Auditions" (she also happened to be wearing the NEWBEE) and later down to Sunset Drive gallery to check out photos from our friend Corey Olsen and work from Aria McManus.

CM: The two people that could really drag us out to art festivities were Hari and Corey, mainly because they’re our good friends and they’re are insanely talented. Most of our daytime festivities were lounging by one of the five million hotel pools in the city, as it should be because #vacation.

Chloe and Jack getting ready

Devon McCready in the STAY, Tucker McCready in the CHELLOO, and Jack in the M-GAMEON

JM: Friday night we headed out to a second Bullett party, this time at Rec Room with 1oak and Up&Down. It was super crowded and is currently trending online because Leonardo Dicaprio apparently left with 20 models. We had a great view of the back of his head from behind the DJ booth. Later we ended up by the pool at the Delano hotel with friends, which was is my favorite spot to close out the night.

CM: Jack’s sister, Devon, and I decided over pizza at Sabarro this evening we were going to “turn the car around” on what at the time seemed like a tame evening. It was definitely a success; we stayed out until 6 am running all over South Beach. Also no shade to Leo, but the girls he was with? Definitely not “models.” Trust me.

Devon in the STAY and Chloe in the RUMI

Jack, Devon, and Chloe at Architectural Digest

JM: On Saturday afternoon we were really looking for pool time so we headed over to Architectural Digest's pool party over at the James Hotel. I went to the same party last year and don't understand why our crew gets invited with all these otherwise pretty straight-laced folks, but I'm happy we do.

CM: I got so many stink faces from old men, staring at my green armpits, but I was too busy lounging by the pool, drinking free cocktails, to care.

The M-GAMEON takes the bench by the pool at the Delano

JM: Saturday night was easily my favorite. We headed over to Wynwood for a Ketel One party, which featured a great performance from Theophilus London and a DJ set from Alex Chapman. They also had this hi-tech installation you could interact with which was kind of a virtual spin-the-bottle of Ketel One, nonetheless I was cool with that.

CM: The open bar at the Ketel One party was the best one I have ever experienced and the whole soiree felt very “warehouse in Bushwick” in the best possible way. Also, Jack was not completely satisfied any night we were in Miami until he got some quality time by the Delano pool. I never blamed him; it was definitely THE spot this year.

JM: We ended up back at the Delano after and by the end of the night, around 4am, I had "Love Me Harder" by Ariana Grande stuck in my head. I was living for it, but also ready to head back to NY in the AM and catch some much-needed sleep. My text to Miami would read some thing like: "Omg gonna miss u b, ily c u next year! <3"