DIY Gilded Garden

Do It Yourself

Sarah Ruby



It’s a well-known fact that unless you have proper photographic evidence, that awesome party never happened. Make sure that your holiday party is equipped with the perfect photo booth backdrop that will surely give all of your followers a serious case of #FOMO. This year, forgo the traditional tinsel tree and set the scene with an all-chrome crew of cute succulents and potted plants that are just begging to be in the background of a selfie.


What you'll need:

• Masking tape
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Wire cutter
• Metallic spray paints
• Artificial leaves, branches, and succulents
• Terra cotta pots
• Styrofoam half ball
• Newsprint paper

Step 1: Separate floral bunches, cut if needed, and lay out on newsprint. Make sure your workspace is well-ventilated (preferably, outdoors).

Step 2: Shake spray can well and begin to spray florals in a sweeping motion. Be sure to spray from all angles, to ensure complete coverage. Let dry.

Step 3: Begin to arrange leaves and branches, inserting the stems into Styrofoam half ball. Place arrangement into pot and insert more branches, so Styrofoam is concealed.


• Don’t be afraid to mix it up: choose a variety of big and small leaves and branches to create your arrangements. Just be aware that bigger plants, such as ferns and spider plants, will require an extra can of spray paint.

• Use smaller pots to display an arrangement of cute succulents and cacti.

• Get creative with it: mix spray paints to get an ombré effect, use masking tape and metallic paint to create different designs, or throw some glitter into the mix. The world is your oyster.