Beauty Mark | Punk Painted Pony

Beauty Mark

Sarah Ruby



Pull out all the stops this season and adorn your lips, lids and locks with shimmery sparkle, velvety textures, and pops of color – you’re bound to be the center of attention at every party you hit.

With a strong hold hairspray, slick hair back into a clean ponytail. Begin with a temporary color spray in blue at the top of the ponytail, and yellow in the middle. Create an ombré effect with the color sprays by brushing through the sprayed sections. Use a paper towel to keep the color off of your skin. Use a silver glitter hair spray at the end of the ponytail to top it off. We call it seapunk sparkle realness.

Hair by Danielle Cirilli, Makeup by Rika Shimada, Photos by Phil Walters.

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