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As we settle into 2015, it's nice to get a glimpse of what's to come in the New Year. Between the new guards of rap, models with more than meets the eye, artists and tastemakers of all sorts, we've rounded up some of the most exciting, influential, and, not to mention, youngest creatives NYC has to offer. Next up are roomies Chlow Mackey and Olivia Bee.

Photography by Todd Jordan.


Centre, Alabama.

I'm still figuring that one out. It's a combination of writing, modeling, and makeup.

Star sign?

Strangest article of clothing you own?
It's a tie between two things: A completely sheer burgundy bell-bottomed body suit with a ton of feathers at the bottom (very Cher-esque) and an US Air Force bomber jacket size 3T.

What are you currently lusting over?
I need everything from the latest Ammerman Scholsberg collection.

Can you remember the first time you dyed your hair?
Yeah, I was 11 and I cried in the hair salon begging my mom to let me dye my hair black. She said yes and I never looked back.

Who is your ultimate hair muse?
Sailor Neptune.

Tell us about your first encounter with Olivia.
I actually met her in our apartment! I was hanging out with her friend and former roommate Andrew, and we came by to hang out on the roof. She was cleaning out her closet and gave me this pastel UNIF leather jacket and it was immediate love.

Describe your apartment.
It's a tree house in the middle of a fairy wonderland (in the middle of Bushwick).

What’s your go-to party look?
Anime princess meets early 2000s reality star meets Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver.

How is 2015 going for you so far?
Looking forward to another year of attempted world domination.


Portland, Oregon.


Star sign?

How has your photography evolved since moving to New York?
I am more appreciative of when I take photographs. When I was a kid and lived in Oregon, I did it every day and got good stuff, but most of the time I took it for granted. It's hard for me to take photos in the city because I'm attracted to natural environments.

Where did your first photo shoot take place?
Portland, Oregon.

True or False: Age ain’t nothing but a number. 
True to some extent. I don't think age should define what you do or how you do it at all unless you're like chain smoking at age 4 or concerned with how your skin is aging at age 12. In terms of career or what YOU want to do, it's silly to let age define you.

Name a few artists who inspire the work you create.
Harley Weir, Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley, Gregroy Crewdson.

Tell us about the first time you met Chloe.
She was in my living room with my friend Andrew wearing a thong and assless chaps.

Describe your apartment.
Kind of a clusterfuck castle.

Best thing to do at home on a rainy day? 
Edit photos, listen to music, read in the bathtub, snuggle.

What’re you working on in 2015?
Myself, and thinking of stories in moving images.


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