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With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we're in the mood for a good love story. We got the chance to sit down with one creative couple to get the real scoop on what it’s like living and working together in NYC. Cyndi and Adam let us into their West Village apartment to tell us the best date spots in the city. Warning: severe relationship envy will ensue.

Photography and Story by Katie McCurdy.

Cyndi //

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Where do I begin? My name is Cyndi Ramirez, I'm a Colombian-American, born and raised New Yorker. You can probably find me eating somewhere Insta worthy, testing out beauty products at Sephora (I call this "market research") or drinking a Negroni at Adam's bar, The Garret.

What do you do? Where do you get your inspiration from?
I guess you can call me a serial entrepreneur now. I'm the founder of fashion and food destination, Taste The Style, and Co-Founder of a newly launched skincare brand, DAIL?. My biggest role in both businesses is brand strategy therefore inspiration is EVERYTHING. There are countless things that inspire me regularly, people being the first. I'm inspired by kickass female entrepreneurs, talented writers, photographers, chefs, artists-- people who create.

How did you and Adam meet? Was it love or lust at first sight?
In the most romantic of settings: a nightclub. I was a bottle waitress, and he was a club promoter and I was waiting on him that night. Cute, huh? I can't speak for him, but for me it was definitely a combination of the two. I was weirdly drawn to him at first sight-- I remember it vividly. He was obviously super cute but there was something in me that knew this man would change my life and I was determined to make him a part of it no matter how uninterested he was. Luckily for me, he grew quite fond of me.

How long have you been together?
Unofficially, 7 1/2 years. Officially, 4. We moved in after a couple of months of making it official.

What was the best thing about moving in together? What was the most difficult?
Saving on rent. Just kidding. Companionship. And he loves cooking breakfast so that's always a good thing, right? It really hasn't been difficult living together. We're both respectful of each other's space and try to avoid doing things that would tick each other off. Although, I wouldn't be mad at a second bathroom.

What is your favorite thing to do together? Favorite date spot?
We're really big into checking out new spots: restaurants, bars, and the occasional art exhibit. We also love to crush movies during Oscar season. Favorite date spot might have to be Vinegar Hill House for me. Just brings back awesome memories of living in Brooklyn.

What is your favorite thing about Adam?
I love his sense of humor, his generosity, his never-ending knowledge on everything... the list can go on and on. It's tough to choose a favorite, but I appreciate the fact that he makes me laugh daily. No matter how stressful life gets, he always manages to lift my spirits up without fail.

What are a few things you both love?
Mexican food, Netflix binges, a good bourbon, a cool pair of boots, and the doggy love of our lives, Rocky.

Adam //

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm Adam Fulton -- born about 30 minutes from NYC in the suburbs of North Jersey. I've been living in the city since my NYU days, so the 10 year anniversary is coming up soon enough. I love travel, exercising, surfing, and searching for the world's best burrito.

What do you do? Where do you get your inspiration from?
I'm a co-founder of Den Hospitality Group. We own and operate The Garret, a refined drinking establishment in the West Village with two new hospitality projects in the works set to open in 2015. I also work with an extremely beautiful and talented partner in a new skincare company called DAIL?. This partner just happens to be my girlfriend, and currently, our product is carried exclusively at Urban Outfitters at retail and at select destinations online.

Where was your first date?
Right about the time we met, I took off to go live in Los Angeles for a Summer. I stayed in touch with a text here and there the whole time, and we went on our first date as soon as I got back. We were probably 21, so my planning game wasn't really up to any kind of standards. I just picked her up and said "What do you want to do?" I'm lucky she didn't just turn around and leave right then.

What was the best thing about moving in together? What was the most difficult?
For me, the best thing was having a place to live -- kidding. I went to stay with Cyndi when an apartment I had fell through. We were new as a couple and moved in together pretty early. The best thing about it was realizing how easy it was and how much it strengthened our relationship. The space was super tight and our clothes and possessions were overflowing everywhere. We were literally on top of each other. Being able to live like that with anyone means you can get through anything. I supposed that's both the best thing and the most difficult.

What is your favorite thing to do together? Favorite date spot?
Wherever we go, we're looking for the top restaurants, hotels, and bars. We're looking for the most unique experiences. It's something we both love to share together, but it also ties into what we do on the day to day. It's research and fun at the same time. My favorite date spot is dell'anima -- it's just the memory of the first time I really took Cyndi out and I think I impressed her. It's so intimate but also has great energy, and the food is always on point with Epicurean properties. Anytime we go back it’s like re-living that. Plus it's open late -- a fancy late night bite is always a good time.

What is your favorite thing about Cyndi?
I really love and admire Cyndi's passion. Whatever she does, she does with her full heart and effort. It makes for a great partner in love, but also doesn't hurt in business. Anything she's involved in, she's all in.


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