21 Questions with Andrea Messier Cuomo

Style Game



We took a minute on set to play 21 questions with our Ecomm Stylist, ANDREA MESSIER CUOMO, to pick her brain about preferences, pleasure, and pizza.


What is your present state of mind?

Most treasured item of clothing?
My Goosebumps beanie. 

What is your idea of happiness?
Watching R.L. STINE’S The Haunting Hour & eating pizza with my boyfriend. 

What is your motto?
Some things are worth the wait.

What is your idea of heaven?
Hello Kitty Paradise curated by Mike Kelly and Yayoi Kusamo. 

What is your favorite escape?
Bubble bath, champagne and Debussy. 

What is your idea of hell?
Complete solitude. 

Thoughts on online dating?
To each their own…

A tweet to describe your personal style (140 characters or less).
Twin peaks-inspired

Guiltiest pleasure?
7-Eleven cheese & bean burritos

Wardrobe staple?
Anything with a collar.

Who do you stalk on Instagram?

Have any hidden talents?
I can recite Camron’s Purple Haze album start to finish.

Favorite decade?

Style muse?
Joan Jett or Patty Smith

What inspires you?
Dark and minimal art. 

What is on your playlist right now?

What is the last thing you googled?
Bukowski Poems. 

What’s your biggest flaw?

Either or:

Past, present, or future?

New or vintage?