Steve Madden Music presents Lucius

Steve Madden Music

Sarah Ruby



Last night, Steve Madden continued its 2015 music season in a big Brooklyn way. Swarms of people flocked to Williamsburg for a sold-out performance by Lucius, indie pop band from Brooklyn. Fans were buzzing, lined up around the block hours before doors opened. The Music Hall of Williamsburg opened its doors and the crowd flooded the bar, merch table and the stage, trying to secure a good vantage point for the hotly anticipated show. Just as everyone was starting to get antsy, opening act Field Mouse took the stage. After a brief set, filled their trademark angsty-indie rock sounds, Lucius took the stage. The moment was well worth the wait, as the Brooklyn band performed their hit singles, slow ballads, and a few teasers of new music that left the crowd begging for more. They capped off a stellar performance by taking their mics to the GA floor, performing their encore in the middle of the audience. Not a bad way to kick of the week, if you ask me.


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