In Her Closet | Crystal Ann Rod

Style Crush

We found our recent style crush Crystal down an Insta k-hole. Not sure how we came across her profile. Maybe we searched #greyhairedhotties. The Bronx native caught our eye with the best mix of uptown meets downtown cool-girl style we’ve ever seen. She recently let us tour her closet and taught us how to wear a denim shirt like a boss.

Photos: Katie McCurdy

What’s your name?
Crystal Ann Rod


Where do you live?
Bronx, NY

Favorite thing about your neighborhood?
Being so close to the water

What do you for work?
I'm a student, intern at a networking company, plan/host events and model.

3 things you can’t live without?
Music, sunlight, love from my family

What’s your life motto?
"Always trippin' never falling" means not giving up despite mistakes and obstacles

Most treasured possession?
My 9-year-old 5th generation iPod

What is your favorite escape?

Who is your celebrity crush?
Bad Gal RiRi

Who do you stalk on Instagram?
My two best friends (have to make sure they aren't cheating on me)

What is the last thing you Googled?
Router configurations

Have any hidden talents?
I can cook like a grandma

Favorite decade?
The '90s

Style muse?
My mom

Most treasured item of clothing?
Hand me down Wilsons leather skirt from my mom

What’s your go-to look?
A cute/girly piece paired with something masculine


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