A Very SM Mag Prom

#SMSquad Series



Anyone ever want a prom do-over? We granted that wish to SM Brand Ambassadors Jack McCready and Marija Mayer. Walk down memory lane with them as they recount their big night and divulge what they wish they did differently– and check out their new and improved prom portraits.


"My prom experience was very Southern California, which makes sense since I went to high school in La Jolla. I attended the dance with a group of ten friends of both girls and boys. If I could re-do my date situation, I would have gone with Jack. If only I knew he was out there kicking it at an arts high school in Weston, Massachusetts, I would have flown him in. Prom photos were snapped at the beach, but due to the literal mask of make-up I paid to have painted on, it’s hard to recognize myself in them. Now, I wish I had done my own make-up subtly, using only a little bit of mascara. The prom itself was boring but the after party made up for it. One of my best friends threw the party at her house. She had a cool mom who hired a bartender and a live band (controversial among the parents). Things must have been going too well though, since my iPhone got stolen towards the end of the night. ‘Find My iPhone’ kindly let me know the next morning that my phone was already in Los Angeles. Thankfully my lost phone could not take away from the content of escaping high school and spending prom night with my closest friends."


"I went to an arts high school where we called our teachers by their first names and didn’t have a football team or conventional prom. In lieu of the traditional night, we had what was called “Boat Dance,” where all four grades dressed up to dance on a booze-free booze cruise. I was always tasked with throwing the after-party, which led to most of my grade sleeping in my attic during my freshman year. In the pictures from my senior year “prom,” none of my friends or I are dressed remotely festive. There were no tuxes, bejeweled gowns, corsages, or even severe up-do’s, just a bunch of “cool” teens wearing all black pretending to be angsty. Despite the somber act we put on in the photos, we all danced and had a blast every year. If I could go back now, I’d love to go as Marija’s date to her traditional prom, and hopefully I could get away with wearing socks and sandals with my suit."

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